Welcome from the Principal


Dear Prospective Families,

Thank you for taking the time to consider Saint Rose Academy. Since 1956, Saint Rose has educated children in the Birmingham area, forming them in a distinctively Catholic, Dominican, and family-oriented manner.


Distinctively Catholic:

  • We love the Catholic Church and are faithful to the Magisterium.
  • Daily prayer and the sacraments are an integral part of our school, and are the means by which we cultivate a great devotion to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother within our beloved students.
  • As members of the universal Church, we understand ourselves to be part of the Body of Christ that transcends time and place.


Distinctively Dominican:

  • Continuing the tradition of Saint Dominic (1170-1221) and the other Dominican saints who valued all aspects of the human person, Saint Rose emphasizes the formation of the whole child: the intellect, the will, the emotions, the senses, and the body.
  • We are the only school in the Birmingham diocese that is operated by religious sisters, and have five Dominican Sisters of the Saint Cecilia Congregation of Nashville as active faculty.
  • We prize the intellectual virtues, such as faith and knowledge, and strive to form our students in moral goodness and love.


Distinctively Family:

  • We believe that the role of parents in education is of great importance, and therefore our faculty and staff are always eager and ready to cooperate with parents in the formation of their children.
  • There is a great unity among our faculty, staff and the many generations, both past and present, of Saint Rose students.
  • We love the students of Saint Rose as if they were our own children.


Distinctively Saint Rose:

  • Our main school building, the Mackin house, is an old family home built in the early 20th century that boasts the beautiful and unique architecture of that period.
  • Historically, the children who have attended Saint Rose have been from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities.
  • Saint Rose is proud of its unique traditions.


We invite you to tour our website and, more importantly, to come and visit Saint Rose. Please feel free to call me with any questions regarding our school. I look forward to cooperating with you in the sacred work of educating your children.

Christ’s peace,
Sister Mary Juliana, O.P.