Angelus Dei Tuition Fund



Saint Rose Academy is aware of the burden on some families who are committed to a good Catholic education but who may not be able to afford full tuition. We are, therefore, committed to assisting families with financial needs.



Angelus Dei Benefactors
Our Tuition Angels are generous benefactors who provide financial assistance specifically for children whose families are unable to afford full tuition. Their donations, which may cover a student’s entire tuition or a percentage thereof, directly impact the lives of children, allowing these young souls the opportunity to receive a rich and faith-filled Saint Rose education.  By becoming a Tuition Angel, your gift will be used immediately to cover tuition costs for children whose families cannot afford them.
Tuition Endowment
A gift made to Saint Rose’s Tuition Endowment Fund is invested, and only the interest earned, never the invested principal, is used.  This fund assures that families needing tuition assistance in the future will be able to receive it and, importantly, provides for the long-term financial stability to Saint Rose Academy.