Saint Rose Reads

Saint Rose Academy seeks to nourish the intellectual gifts of its students, teaching them the truths of the faith supported by reason. An integral part of this formation is the reading of quality literature. In order for children to think according to the truth, they first need to learn the truths of the faith and of themselves as creatures made in the image of God. In addition, children must also have their imaginations fed by enriching, edifying, and nourishing literature. Children whose minds are nourished with truth, goodness, and beauty through excellent books will have the necessary tools to navigate through the philosophical errors of our time and culture, the imaginative power necessary to build a culture of life, and the strength of character to become what God wants them to become. Simply stated, children who read great literature will be able to think clearly, choose wisely, and love rightly. A child’s mind is formed as he/she grows. If that mind is not formed deliberately according to truth, goodness, and beauty by reading quality literature, it will be formed by and according to the errors present in our modern culture and in the popular media. Saint Rose Reads is a means of providing that quality literature to children and to their families. Since it would not be wise to read poor or even mediocre literature when there are so many good books to read, and since it would be a waste of time to pass over good books simply in favor of what is new because it is new, Saint Rose Reads is to be an easy reference guide in finding worthy books to read.

Saint Rose Reads is a thoughtfully-crafted list of inspiring literature for children in grades K-8. It is an integral part of the reading program at Saint Rose Academy, and its main goals are:

  • To help Saint Rose students think according to truth, goodness, and beauty.
  • To develop in Saint Rose students a great love of reading.
  • To provide Saint Rose students with a means of becoming well-read and culturally literate children.
  • To encourage Saint Rose students to become life-long readers.