The family spirit that is a hallmark of Saint Rose Academy extends beyond our current students and parents to include generations of Saint Rose alumni.  Our Alumni are the living legacy of Saint Rose and it is thanks to their passion and desire to give back that the school continues to thrive for future generations of students. Our dear alumni are always welcome to visit Saint Rose, to volunteer in our many activities and events, and to contribute to the continued growth of our school.


Saint Rose Academy is constantly involved in a variety of projects, and Alumni volunteers are always welcome to help. If interested, please contact Scarlet Bishop by e-mail for additional information.


  • A Saint Rose Alumni and Friends Facebook group has been created to offer a vehicle for our Saint Rose family to stay connected, exchange news and share memories. If you have not yet joined, we invite you to visit our page by clicking here and become a member.


If your personal information has changed (name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc…) please notify us by e-mail so that we can update your information. Thank you.