About Us


From the heart of the Church…


Since its founding more than fifty years ago, Saint Rose Academy has enrolled students in grades preK-8 for a dynamic academic experience in a joyful and formative Catholic environment. Under the direction of the Dominican Sisters of the Saint Cecilia Congregation (the “Nashville Dominicans”) and an outstanding faculty and staff, students receive an academically stimulating education that emphasizes the dignity of the human person and fosters an appreciation for all that is true, good, and beautiful.


…to the heart of the child


As the only Catholic elementary school in Birmingham led by religious sisters, Saint Rose Academy is uniquely qualified to form children with truth and love in a confused and hurting world. Saint Rose is dedicated to the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional development of its students. Daily efforts by the faculty and staff make the faith a tangible reality for the children, one that is referenced in their decisions, practiced in their relationships, and shared with their families.


Motto: Veritas et Caritas


Truth and love (especially in the Person of Christ) stand as the foundation and goal of Saint Rose Academy. The faculty and staff of Saint Rose are deeply committed to its mission of leading our students, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, in an unending pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty by providing a Catholic Education in a nurturing environment. Through a rich curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole person, Saint Rose Academy trains young minds to seek knowledge and truth (Veritas) and young souls to grow in virtue and love (Caritas).