News From Nashville!

Congratulations to the newly elected Mother Anna Grace Neenan, O.P. as the Prioress General of the congregation of St. Cecilia to lead the religious community for the next six years.

Dominican Sisters elected to serve on the General Council are Sister Anne Catherine Burleigh, O.P., Vicaress General; Sister Marian Sartain, O.P., Second Councilor; Sister Ann Hyacinth Genow, O.P., Third Councilor; and Sister Catherine Marie Hopkins, O.P., Fourth Councilor.

On behalf of Mother Anna Grace, the sisters express their gratitude to God and ask that everyone join them in prayer as Mother and the new council begin their terms of office.

In 1860, the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia was established in Nashville, where its Motherhouse is located. The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia are dedicated to the apostolate of Catholic education. The community of almost 300 sisters serves in 50 schools throughout the United States, with mission houses also in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; Vancouver, Canada; Rome and Bracciano, Italy; Elgin, Scotland; Sittard, The Netherlands, and Limerick, Ireland.

For more information on the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation, please visit their website at

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